Garage redo

After living in this house for 15 years, my husband and I decided it was about time to clean our two-car garage. This garage had become the repository for anything and everything that could not be stored in the stage 1 storage facility, a.k.a. the downstairs spare room. Old flower pots, containers full of rusty nails, boxes of glass recycling that our neighborhood does not accept, and the family quota of old dust were the main categories of items. There were boxes of mementos that had not been touched by human hands in over a decade. Of course, living in the bug capital of the world we also had more than our fair share of dead and not-so-dead spiders and roaches. ::gags:: The ropes of bug-mummies hanging from the ceiling (thank you, spiders) also had to go. BTW-who puts textured ceiling on a garage?

Apparently I am more of an optimist than anyone would have guessed, because I honestly thought we could complete this project in a couple of days. That was two weeks ago. Today it is highly likely that we will be finished by this evening.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes for good measure. I’ll attach a completed photo. The before image is too embarrassing.


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